Check Your Eligibility & Apply Now for IRHA Homeowner Assistance

Are you struggling to pay your mortgage or utility bills? Experiencing financial difficulties related to home-heating fuel, such as firewood? You may be eligible for financial assistance through IRHA Homeowner Assistance.

Homeowners who are enrolled tribal members and live in select regions that have IRHA as their Tribally Designated Housing Entity are eligible to apply.

The application period is now open and closes Friday, December 1, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. 

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Interior Regional Housing Authority

About Us:

Formed in 1974 along with thirteen other Alaskan housing authorities, IRHA serves the tribes of the Doyon Region, which is larger in land area than the state of Texas. The region encompasses remote traditional villages and Alaska’s second largest city, Fairbanks. Learn more about us here

Mission Statement

To provide tribal housing opportunities to foster and encourage self-empowerment.


Families with quality affordable housing.

  • Innovation
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Customer Service
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IRHA accepted Doyon’s challenge and challenges FNA to GOTNV


IRHA has solved all of my house repair and home problems as far as air leaks are concerned.  I no longer need to block doors and windows.   I am totally satisfied with all the work that has been completed so far.   Cold drafts are no longer a problem and I am sure that will save on my fuel bill.  My deck is no longer a dangerous wooden structure.

The crew did a wonderful job and my house is much more comfortable, warmer, and looks a lot better and safer.  Crew did an excellent work.

I would like to thank Interior Regional Housing Authority for all the hard work they do in order to ensure that our families can have safe affordable housing.  Thank you the construction workers for their building and repairs for each and every home they work on and for the advice they have given me in order to maintain my home.  My family is grateful.


On December 21st, 2018, the Interior Regional Housing Authority (IRHA) Board of Commissioners (BOC) passed resolution 2018-13, implementing a drug testing policy into the BOC Governance Policy.

The policy states: IRHA Board of Commissioners imposed upon itself the same policy of drug testing that is applied to IRHA employees.  BOC members are required to submit to drug testing upon election or reelection.   BOC members are required to adhere to the other testing requirements of that policy, including testing on suspicion, at random and post-accident.  Failure to comply shall be grounds for discipline.  Newly elected and reelected BOC members shall be tested the next business day after being elected.